About Lisa

Lisa Reutelsterz (*1993) lives and works in Cologne as a freelance designer and video artist. She conducts research in interdisciplinary fields such as data and video art, experimental animation and audiovisual installations, and on how to advance this knowledge in, for example, theatrical processes. In terms of content, she takes up central social issues of transhumansim, machine learning and artificial intelligence, among others.

Freelance Designer

After a technically education and professional work as a media designer for digital and print media, she studied Integrated Design at the Cologne International School of Design as well as Design Science and Urban Environmental Systems at Chiba University in Japan, worked in interdisciplinary teams and successfully completed her bachelor’s degree in 2019 with the audiovisual installation “Sensing Data“. For this, she traced speculative data from the IPCC about climate change developments within the next 100 years back to a physical experience by mapping the data as physical influencing factors and precisely translating them to the human body.

Since 2016, she has been collaborating in audiovisual projects and live performances, producing music videos and performing as a video artist with Cologne-based musician, performer and music producer Envåk. In addition to the 2020 VR music video “VOID“, she produced the video work “Photophobia” in 2018, with which she was a finalist at the Rome Prisma Award, among others.

Together with Carolin Schabbing, she researched on and realized the digital VR theater project “try e.m.i.s. now” from 2020 to 2021, which premiered in Cologne in 2021. The piecce deals with questions of digital identity in the form of visitors* personal data.

Since 2021 she has been working as a video artist and designer member of the independent artist group Trafique in Cologne and Dortmund. She played a central role in the production of “Fassaden” and “Babel”, two live theater films that premiered in Cologne and live-streamed in 2021.