“PHOTOPHOBIA“ is a music video I produced as a first time filmmaker in cooperation with the electronic music artist ENVÅK.

The approach of the project was unorthodox and driven by a rather unusual workflow:
Being fascinated by the structures of my lo-fi microscope shots of algae that I did along the coast of Denmark, I aimed to create an experience that shares this view of a microcosm and organic world. That is overwhelmed just like like me about the diversity and variational forms of nature.
As a counterpart, I combined these microstructures with a sterile and cold world, such as tiles or lights in order to let these two sensual spaces collide and to create an aesthetic tension.
In order to focus on these intersections and to bring „it“ alive, my montage was driven by visual contrasts and dynamic cutting.
After that, the music was composed by the electronic music artist ENVÅK, inspired by the association that the footage evoked. The sonic result sounded just like the pictures felt, fragmented and constructed, warm and cold, sterile and organic…I loved it. Audio and Video became one and “PHOTOPHOBIA“ was born.

Directed and produced by Lisa Peter.
Music by Jan Reutelsterz (Envåk).